About us

At g1matrix we`re passion about generaion 1 transformers. The 1980s saw the release of the most fascinating line of toys, comics and cartoons ... ever. Thats our opinion, and we`re sticking with it :) We are collectors ourselves, and as such over the years have amassed a good deal of knowledge on the vast number of toys that make up the G1 line.

On the site you`ll find a diverse range of items - toys, acessories, boxes, paperwork, tech specs, comics, annuals and other assorted items all connected with the classic G1 range of transformers.

Our own collection isnt complete, so if you have spares or a collection that you`d like to sell, or would like to enquire about a possible trade/swap, contact us. If you would like to sell some of your items through our site, get in touch and see if we can come to an arrangement.

If you cant find what you`re looking for on the site, think abot dropping us a line - we may have something in stock not yet listed on the site, or we may be able to help you source what you`re after.

This site came about primarily as a way of migrating away from Ebay and their ridiculous exploitation of market share by fees and charges.  We have been responsible traders on ebay for over 15 years but the smaller sellers have become more and more excluded for the benefit of the big power volume sellers.

At present, we are limiting trade on the site to within the UK. The costs associated with postage abroad are generally too expensive and dont allow for competitive pricing.

Our payment system is through paypal, which if you`re a transformers enthusiast, you`ve likely used before :)

Till all are one!