The classic G1 transformers toys themselves, either with or without accessories and instructions, boxed or loose. Anything from 1984 all the way through to 1990

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G1 Decepticon Seacon Overbite - (from 1988)

Grimlock (Pretender) Inner Rob...

G1 Autobot Pretender Grimlock - (Pretender) Inner Robot (from 1989)

Thunderwing Inner Robot Small ...

G1 Decepticon Pretender Thunderwing - Inner Robot Small Jet (from 1989)

Stranglehold Outer Shell

G1 Decepticon Pretender Stranglehold - Outer Shell (from 1989)

Catilla Outer Shell Plus Tail

G1 Autobot Pretender Catilla - Outer Shell Plus Tail (from 1988)

Overrun Figure

G1 Autobot Action Master Overrun - Figure (from 1990)

Hammer From Constuctor Squad

G1 Decepticon Micromaster Combiner Hammer - From Constuctor Squad (from 1990)

Crossblades Outer Shell

G1 Autobot Pretender Crossblades - Outer Shell (from 1989)

Roadgrabber Inner Robot

G1 Decepticon Pretender Roadgrabber - Inner Robot (from 1988)