Shipping & returns

Shipping Destinations

At present we only ship within the UK as it is too cost prohibitive to post outside of the UK.

Combined Shipping

At g1matrix we endeavour to ship our items promptly and fairly. As ex ebay traders, from both the buying and selling side - we appreciate the concept of combined shipping. As a result, we have create a shipping calculation system which mimics that of ebay. You pay shipping for the most expensive item (i.e. largest), plus an additional small charge per extra item is added on to the total.

Please ensure that when you go to checkout that you are happy with the shipping total. If you want to query something, get in touch and talk about the possibility of a further discount if you either feel that the shipping total isnt calculating fairly, or if you are ordering a large number of items and think it should be lower.

To illustrate the comined shipping concept, consider a basket of these 3 items

Item A - standard shipping cost £3.60 , additional cost per similar item £0.30 

Item B - standard shipping cost £1.50 , additional cost per similar item £0.10 

Item C - standard shipping cost £4.00 , additional cost per similar item £0.30

the total would be £4.00 coming from Item C, plus £0.30  from item A and £0.10 from item B = total £4.40

You wont see these costs detailed in the product description pages like you do in ebay, but rest assured that each category is configured fairly. For example, accessories and tech specs are just £0.10 extra shipping per item. Comics are just £0.20 per extra item. etc


If you are unhappy with an item, we can offer a full refund providing you return the item to us at your own shipping cost. If the item arrives back with us as it was sent, we can refund your paypal payment minus shipping that we incurred to send the item in the first place. As a small scale eCommerce shop it is not possible or economical for us to offer a refund where we pay for the shipping.

As with all used products, there will always be the possibility for a difference of opinion on the condition of an item between the buyer and seller, and as such we would respectfully ask that you contact us and talk to us if you are unhappy with any of the items you receive, and we will attempt to resolve the situation amicably.